#cultural heritage
Isia Roma Design

Prof. Mauro Palatucci

Team group:
Pietro Baiocco

Claudio Diana
Eleonora Giuliani
Francesca Maciocia
Simone Proietti Timperi

Dig up wants to narrate the evolution of a city through the analysis of building materials that have followed in time. This analysis provides information on territorial expansion, the widespread economic status and the growth/decay phases of the area under review. A device placed in strategically chosen points within tourist flows becomes the tangible interface of this time exploration. The carrot-like device reminds the core drill, and it shows a visual representation of the main building materials people used century by century. An app makes it possible to compare the overview of different neighbourhoods and to give insights on the subject. The carrot is placed in every neighbourhood, in this case, it was set in the City Hall I of Rome, Testaccio district.

/ What is the role of the "take on" movement in fruition?
/ Is it a good strategy to transfer information in a more deductive way rather than being so descriptive?

/ How do the analogue and digital interface work together?