#speculative design
Chiba University, Japan
Prof. Giovanni Innella

Fatin Athirah, Malaysia
Helin Huang, China
Shoei Okawa, Japan
Miki Todo, Japan
Pietro Baiocco, Italy

Dema is an invented company that provides service to other companies to monitor the health situation related to the muscular disorders of its employees. The system designed by Dema is made of devices that allow real-time data collection and returns a prospect of the current and future situation of every single employee.
The data has an impact on:
• the working environment
• the costs for your physical well-being
• productivity
• hiring / dismissals
• working culture
• perception of the company by the stakeholders
This possible scenario raises many questions about privacy, health, workplace and corporate governance.

/ What is the relationship between health care and privacy?
/ Where does paranoia take over?
/ What are the interests involved?