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Casamatta Collective

I met a group of visionaries, and I know that saying visionaries for someone who plays with the archives can sound strange. But if you find out who the format of the audio-visual wants to change and open, you can't avoid being involved. Cubotto is a project for a decentralised archive network that is designed as a tool for the development of new narratives. I am giving my contribution by helping in planning how this system can match needs of various bodies and institutions, how it can collaborate with other networks and the medium to long impact it can have. The Genio Collettivo collective supports Cubotto project artistically by writing a movie starting from the archive. The movie will be the longest one after the television contribution.
I am focusing on designing the cubotto.org website at the moment. The archive is something that is becoming changeable but instead of seeing it as a linearly infinite growing thing I have seen it as a loop of containers, content, people, and places. This loop, however, does not grow in itself like the Chinese boxes but expands fractals. The rotating movement keeps time to an infinite and hypnotic dance.

Check it out >>> cubotto.org

/ How do people collaborate to keep an archive alive?
/ How can you stay "open"?