Chiba University, Japan
Prof. Algis Paskevicius

A new brand identity for typical food products from the Prefecture of Chiba, Japan. A non-food item typical of the region, the characteristic handmade fan Boshu Uchiwa, has become the means to tell the stories of local productions. Behind the fan, there are anecdotes, people, and ties. In addition to concealing the fan reveals. It is the alliance of Japan's typical mystery that swings between the seen and the unseen, an eroticism that is reflected in many aspects of society. That's why the stories are behind the fan and find their way out of the box on the product packaging. This project is the beginning of a communication strategy that includes the implementation of the logo, the packaging, gadgets and a storytelling strategy for Japanese domestic tourism.

Boshu Uchiwa is an exclusive fan made in Chiba Prefecture for a long time. It is a traditional craft officially designated by Minister of Economy, Trade, and industry.
The logomark is based on the boshu uchiwa fan's shape, and the "Stories behind boshu" brand's name is written in Japanese on it.

On the packaging, the logomark became the graphic sign that characterises each kind of product. The surface of the fan has a texture created from the shape of the food and reminds traditional styles in textile patterns. I realised few examples of the most popular products of Chiba Prefecture.
On every back of the packaging, there is a space for the story related to the product.
The logomark is versatile, and it can be easily used for different kinds of merchandise.
Products from the "Stories behind boshu" brand are intended to be sold at selected supermarkets and local shops.

/ How is Japanese (or any other) identity trasnmitted through packaging design?
/ Does packaging interfere in the way of consuming a particular product?